The Little Big Agency


We're a creative agency that's as big or as little as it needs to be.

We think that traditional creative agency models are past their sell-by date. That’s why we decided to take a big step and offer something a little different – an adaptable, agile agency that’s fit for today’s marketplace.

Say hello to The Little Big Agency.

OK, here’s how it works...

Based in The Cotswolds, we offer you the big agency experience but with the kind of costs you’d expect from a smaller agency.

We’re little
We have a core team of three. Preston, our Creative Director, Chris, our Design Director and Ian, our Business Director.

Between us we deliver top-notch campaign marketing, design, copy, branding/rebranding, photography, strategy and video.

We’re also big  
Sometimes we win projects that we can’t manage between the three of us. That’s when we go big, via our extensive professional network – which we’ve built up through our 50 years of combined experience. In simple terms, we pull in the experts we need for the duration of the project. Then, once the project’s in the bag, they’re off the books again.



Ian Johnston
+44 (0)7532 308 125

Preston Rutt
+44 (0)7773 351 055

Chris Greenwood
+44 (0)7515 743 225

The Team

Award-winning creative folk who can help you build your business.

Preston Rutt

Creative Director

Chris Greenwood

Design Director

Ian Johnston

Business Director

What we do

Campaign Marketing
Branding/Brand Refresh
Photography & Film
Events & PR

Our Experience

We’ve all been around the block, seen a few things and worked with some pretty impressive people. From big global behemoths to little start-ups, we’ve seen it all.

Need a little help making a big noise
about your brand?
— Speak to Ian, the one with the voice of an angel*

* Hell’s angel


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