Kelly Ballard


I needed to deliver on a high profile brand development with many stakeholders (this project was a potential minefield) and I needed to work with a branding agency that would make me feel safe in the knowledge that they could lead us through to a result. Ian and Preston were amazing at hand holding and taking on the complex thinking; and turning it into a presentation to stakeholders, delivering their thinking in a confident way that convinced those people of the right route to take. They were always quick to respond to my queries and be on hand to discuss any ideas. The end result delivered by Chris was loved by all – phew! They were a joy to work with.

Beth Walker


Working with a marketing company can mean so many things, I like to work in partnership looking to them to consult and advise based on their expertise. This is exactly what I got from

Little Big Agency. Our relationship began when we were looking for a new website design and website developer. Going through the usual due diligence and speaking to 3 different Cirencester advertising agencies, LBA stood out straight away. Their approach was exactly what Trust Systems needed – strategic thinkers, challenging and advising on how and what we could achieve. Rightly so, LBA took us on journey starting with a focussed look at the brand strategy for Trust Systems. This way of thinking was how I had been used to working with larger agencies in corporate environments, which I didn’t think would have been accessible due to affordability before I began working with LBA.

The team immersed themselves into the culture of the company and their strategist used

their experience in our market segment to quickly understand our challenges and opportunities. The end result is clarity in the Trust Systems brand – from understanding the here and now, the business strategy, vision and values, the context of the brand in the market, to articulating the essence of the brand. The tangible outcomes have been realised quickly, we didn’t have months and months to encapsulate this information we had weeks! Our branding has been successfully rolled out with a refreshing, eye-catching design, including a much-needed new website. Within the first few hours of ‘go live’ we had a customer call to say, ‘we didn’t know you did that, we need to talk!’ A great, personable team who delivered confidence in their approach. I appreciated the way they challenged the company’s thinking to ensure the outcome was the correct one.

James Cairns


I was on the hunt for a Cotswold branding agency. I found them in the Little Big Agency. The team did an excellent job advising and creating my Brand identity. Ian, Preston and Chris were engaging, flexible and easy to deal with. They really listened to what my business was about, recognised what was important to me as an individual and creatively understood how I wanted to represent what I do. The design process was constructive and innovative to draw out exactly what I did want (rather than what I thought I wanted) and ultimately, we collectively came to a brand logo design, colour scheme and supporting marketing materials which were bang on the mark. I have had unanimously positive feedback from clients, and new business – as well as considerable surprise when I share the secret that they are a boutique graphic design agency, based in Cirencester, with a highly reasonable fee structure! I continue to work with the guys and we are currently developing a video, a strategy doodle illustration and stage 2 website. I would highly recommend LBA and they really do live up to their name - you get a big firm product for little firm fees.

 If you’re having problems connecting with your audience, we can help you in a little or big way!

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