Here’s how we work…


Dividing our time mainly between Cheltenham and Cirencester, we offer you the big agency experience but with the kind of costs you’d expect from a smaller Cotswold agency.

We’re little

We have a core team of three. Preston, our Creative Director, who left his London advertising agency for Cirencester in 2016. Chris, our Design Director, who’s a Cheltenham native. And Ian, our Business Director – who started life in Worcester but is now very much a Gloucestershire marketing man.

Between us we deliver top-notch campaign marketing, design, copy, branding/rebranding, photography, strategy and video.

We’re also big  

Sometimes we win projects that we can’t manage between the three of us. That’s when we go big, via our extensive professional network – which we’ve built up through our 50 years of combined experience. In simple terms, we pull in the experts we need for the duration of the project. Then, once the project’s in the bag, they’re off the books again.

Some things we’ve won in the past

We’ve won a few things in our careers whilst working with some amazing folk!


How can we help you?


Branding/Brand refresh

Brand creation? Brand reinvention? Brand refresh? Whatever your brand needs, we’re here to make sure you’re communicating the right message in the right way.


Campaign Marketing

Sometimes it feels as though conventional marketing channels can only take you so far.
If you’re thinking about taking a different tack, get in touch. We love to look at your unique challenges and find unique, cost-effective ways to solve them.



As experienced digital and print designers, we can design anything for you from emails to websites and direct mail to posters.


Events& PR

If you want to run an event to publicise your business or you want expert help spreading the word about your business, LBA can advise you on the best way to make a big noise.


Film & Photography

Whether you need a brand film, some snackable content or quality office photography, choose LBA. Chris is very experienced behind the camera – he’s a professional wedding photographer at weekends – and sure to capture the right images for your business.



Whether you need a marketing brochure, a website refresh or a brand new tone of voice, choose LBA. Preston is an expert writer – has overseen teams of writers as Head of Copy, had two books published and won multiple awards for his words.



We hold strategy in very high regard at LBA. Depending on the size and nature of your project, we deliver strategy in-house or we work with one of our talented associates.



Need to hire some in house talent? Contact our sister company, Peachy. Use them to find a freelancer or new team member.They can help source all kinds of diamonds in the rough.

 Our Process


 If you’re having problems connecting with your audience, we can help you in a little or big way!

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